What is a Freight Management System?

Freight management system is software that allows the freight management companies or carrier companies to manage a lot of difficult tasks very easily and efficiently. A lot of companies use softwares to dispatch the goods and to ensure route management. Therefore, the truck broker with a freight management system is very helpful for all the companies in the shipping business.

It is also cloud-based software, therefore not too much hardware installation is required. This can be simultaneously used by multiple users at different locations. It provides so many tools to do your day-to-day work more efficiently in the shipping business. 

Freight Management System and Its Usefulness

Freight management systems tackle all the delivery whether small or large in a very efficient way. It can help set up less than truckload, full truckload, or even small parcel services too. To run a freight management company, this software is a must these days.

Using the mainframe of the freight management system, customers can find all sorts of information and utilize digital tools to check the carrier prices. They can schedule the pick-ups and drop off for their deliveries. They can also track the shipment in real-time with the help of the freight management system. Because it is a cloud-based program, you only need either a desktop, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone and you can reap the benefits of this software. 

Saves Cost and Time 

Most of the shipping companies worried about the cost escalations. They waste too much time manually calling all the carriers to negotiate the rate of shipment. After a few estimates, they basically choose a carrier solely based on the price. But with an excellent freight management system, you can get plenty of freight estimates just in a click of a button. Now, the companies can choose the one they want at their conditions, which ultimately saves them plenty of time and money.

Booking for Transport the Shipment

Once you have the proper estimate and selected the carrier then you can go on and schedule your shipment pick-up and drop-offs. The freight management load software does it all for you. It is a one-spot-solution that can store and provide the shipment details, type of cargo to transport, pick-up and drop-off location, time and date of the pick-up, etc. Using such information, this FMS will create a work order for all the package handlers, carriers, dispatchers, and drivers. 

Handling Invoices and Bills

Once you book your shipment, the freight management system asks you to enter all details regarding the shipment and payment options. Once you have done that, then FMS can generate a digital invoice and final bill for you. This will save a lot of paperwork and make the life of a freight manager quite easy.

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Paperworks are different for different types of shipment and your FMS can handle that for you. All this is managed digitally, therefore in a time of need, you can easily pull out the required paperwork without the hassle. This will save the wastage of paper and hence is very eco friendly too. 

Live Tracking of Shipment and Sending Feedback

This is the single most crucial aspect of the FMS, which helps the companies gain the trust of their customers by providing them the real-time tracking of their shipment. Freight management systems can track and send the location of the shipment to the customer with an exact ETA. This real-time tracking brings the desired transparency to the business. More transparent is your business, more is the customer satisfaction.

Once you gain the trust of your customer, he will come back to you for more business. Therefore, FMS can open a pathway to ensure growth and development for you. There is plenty of freight brokerage software available in the market, but choosing the right one for your business can be tricky. You have to choose the FMS based on your business requirement, as you can see it is so useful for a freight operating company.

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